May 28, 2019 2 min read


I'm so excited to finally share with you guys what I've been tirelessly working on. 

Back in December of 2018 I saw there was a need for Hand Tied Extension Hair. And not just a need for Hair but the need for consistent Hair. Someone in one of my private Hair Extension Groups casually mentioned that one of us should create our own line of Hair and that got me thinking. Could I create my own hair line? Who do I know that has an established relationship with a hair factory?

For those of you that don't know this already, I used to work for JPMS as a Senior National Educator. I worked a lot of shows mainly behind the scenes doing hair prep and makeup. The team I worked on the most was Floyd Kenyatta's team. 

Floyd has been working with factories in China for 20+years. And anyone that knows anything about China factories you need to establish relationships. It took him many years to first find the right ones and then build a relationship with them. And most, if not all Hair Extension companies in the States have to go through a middle man to order hair, which in turn drives up the cost.

I called Floyd and told him all the issues I was experiencing with the hair and what I needed. He had his business partner call me and after discussing the details of what I wanted in the hair, we jumped right into creating this custom Hand Tied Weft. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't reinvent the wheel, I just tweaked it a little. I took what I loved about the previous hair I had been using, and changed the things that weren’t working. One of the really cool things to me is that this particular factory produces top grade cuticle intact raw hair for tape-ins and Itip, etc. but they have never made Hand Tied Hair. So I love the fact that this is a new venture for me, as it is for them too!

And this is just the beginning. There are exciting things to come. 

Thank you so much for supporting us!

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